Brand Philosophy

“Be always pretend to lovers away”


Ninon be L’enclos (1616~1705)

French Fashionably synonymous with femme fatale queen of seduction master of men to overwhelm the leading feminist free thinker.



French Courtesan; Nicole de L’enclos name is fashionably synonymous with femme fatale, queen of seduction and leading feminist free thinker. Ninon de L’enclos; a 17th century French Courtesan has been compared to the infamous courtesan Hwang Jin-Yi of our country.Ninon de L’nclos was born into a poor lower noble house, however was able to inherit wealthy amounts of knowledge in philosophy and mathematics through her father. She was the epitome of beauty and intelligence of her time.In any given situation, she possessed eloquence and exuded charm. Her talents captivated the attention of many high socialites including Louis XIV, king of Grance.


In addition, even at the age of 86, she had the skin of a woman in her 20s.

L’enclos was the standard of beauty and a free thinker who fought against chauvinism and inequality.




Philosophy is the story of enchanted lovers



We Refuse

At L’enclos, we refuse to use just anything in our products. Our products are for the modern day woman who is passionate and fearless.



We know the ‘class’ of a woman

Women should be classier than prettier. Women should dominate love than submit to being loved.



Joy and Confidence

The joy of discovering new things. Becoming more confident through revealing hidden charms. L’enclos bring out your hidden charm.



Make a statement

Your existence, worth and ability. Reclain your pride, reveal your hidden charm, become independent and let your name a statement.




Logo Design




Oriental wisdom: Lotus

The wisdom of the east, known as Lotus innocence is pure, innocenct, and mysterious. These qualities attract the hearts and minds of people, including the fascinating minds of world recowned artists and authors who use this material for their works. The strong red color of this pure white lotus gives off a mixture of a strong feeling of harmony and purity.



● Main Color


intense deep Red

Pantone Color 186C

P/S 5R 4/14


Strength in the softness… the Intense deep Red

The deep red is intense, fascinating, fashionable and exudes luxuriousness. The color is tupical of strength, and dynamism and symbolizes independence and grit. This strong color is difficult to harmonize with other strong colors, however is able to draw our attention and focus.